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Goa Requires Supreme Court to Lift State's Ming Ban

//en.steelhome.cn [SteelHome] 2020-01-14 18:40:20

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On January 14, Pramod Sawant, Chief Minister of Goa, announced that the state government is coping with the economic impact of the mining ban on the state. Currently, the state government has sought permission from the Supreme Court to allow it to mine tailings.

Goa has multiple tailings stocks, which are the tailings left after mining companies have drilled high-grade iron ore in open pits. As prices of iron ore surge on the global market, tailings also have values. Meanwhile, low-grade iron ore can be mixed with high-grade iron ore. Since these tailings stocks are not classified as "mines", the state hopes to utilize these tailings stocks. But laws are not clear, the state government decided to seek the permission of the Supreme Court.

Earlier, the Goa state government has submitted a review petition to the Supreme Court, hoping to lift the state's mining ban.

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