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SteelHome Study: Indonesian Iron and Steel Industry Report Available

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Abstract: Indonesia, located in Southeast Asia, is a member of ASEAN, covering an area of 1.9 million square kilometers. With a population of about 260 million, ranking fourth in the world, Indonesia is the largest economy in ASEAN, with a GDP of US $1.02 trillion and a per capita GDP of US $3870 in 2018. The iron and steel industry of Indonesia as a whole is relatively backward. Most domestic iron and steel enterprises focus on the incomplete processes of pure rolling or simple steel cold processing. There are not enough steel mills with integrated production capacity of complete steel-making rolling in Indonesia, and they are basically EAF steel-making enterprises. Most of Indonesian steel mills are only small and medium-sized, with outdated production equipment and low production capacity and technical level. Indonesias domestic steel production cannot meet its own needs, and it needs to import a large number of steel every year. In 2018, Indonesia imported 11.6 million tons of steel, of which imported the most from China, followed by Japan and South Korea. Indonesias relatively backward steel industry cannot meet its economic growth. The Indonesian government encourages investment and construction in the steel industry, and has introduced relevant tax-free and tax reduction preferential policies. Indonesias apparent steel consumption per capita is at a low level in ASEAN countries. As the fourth largest country in the world, its steel industry has a relatively big potential for growth.

Report Outline:

1. Basic National Introduction of Indonesia

2. Indonesias Macro Economy

3. Indonesias Political Situation

4. China and Indonesia Relationship

5. Indonesians Foreign Trade Regulations and Policies

6. Indonesias Baton Island Free Trade Zone

7. Introduction of Indonesian Iron and Steel Industry

8. Analysis and Suggestion of Indonesian Steel Investment

9. Introduction of Indonesian Iron Ore Industry

10. Introduction of Indonesian Coal Industry

Part of Data Charts in the Report:

1. 2008-2019 Indonesias GDP

2. 2008-2019 Indonesias GDP Per Capita

3. 2008-2019 Indonesias Inflation Data

4. 2008-2019 Indonesias Unemployment Rate

5. 2008-2019 Indonesias Government Debt as a Percentage of GDP

6. Exchange rate data of Indonesian currency against US dollar and RMB in 2019

7. 2008-2018 Chinas net direct investment in Indonesia over the years

8. 2008-2018 China total imports from Indonesia over the years

9. 2008-2018 Chinas total exports to Indonesia over the years

10. 2008-2018 Indonesias crude steel production

11. 2008-2018 Indonesias apparent steel consumption data o

12. 2008-2018 Indonesias steel import

13. 2008-2018 Indonesias steel export

Note: The main body of the report is about 65 pages. PDF version is available. You are welcome to subscribe the Indonesia Iron and Steel Industry Report by contact Jake at 86-021-50585733 or jake.yang@steelhome.cn

(To contact the reporter on this story: jake.yang@steelhome.cn or 86-21-50585733)
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