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Shandong Steel Group Announces Coking Coal and PCI Bid for August 2019 [SteelHome] 2019-07-10 10:16:52

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I Bid Target

Marketing Company of Shandong Steel Group is conducting pubic bid for purchasing coking coal (Gas coal, 1/3 coking coal, gas fat coal, fat coal, low sulfur coking coal, high sulfur coking coal) and PCI (anthracite, meager and lean coal) used for production of August.

II Bid Time

10-19 July 2019, BJ time.

III Base Requirement for Bidders

1 Bidders should be independent legal entity, owning legal and effective business license, tax registration, organization institute code, supply certificate (supply contracts).

2 Bidders must be producers or processors, meet the safety, environment and career health requirements etc. The producers must abide for central and local governments environmental protection policies. Environmental impact evaluation report and qualified certificate, or the concerned certificates from local environmental protection bodies must be provided.

3 Bidders must be general taxpayers (able to issue 13% business value added tax), with reputational records of tax payment and social security funds.

4 Bidders must have good business reputation, without illegal operation or bidding activities within three years.

5 Bidders should have fixed operation location, with legal land transfer or use certificates. The counterpart facilities and places should be a must. Only producing or processing enterprises have the access to bidding. Concentrates suppliers should have captive beneficiation plants with annual >0.1 million tons of capacity. New bidders should have a registered capital no less than 0.5 million RMB. New bidders have to be approved with qualified criteria. New bidders could sign one-month trial supply contract with purchasing company if winning the bid, with one trial supply no more than 4000 tons.

6 The ingredient should be transported by Laiwu Steel Truck Company.

7 The supplier shall ship the product within 5% winning bid.

8 The supplier rated unqualified in monthly evaluation, and the deadline for rectification is not completed, the supplier shall not be allowed to participate in the bidding.

9 Companies with following records should be listed in unqualified suppliers: a) telling or asking bidding price with other bidders; b) refusing to sign the supply contract after winning the bid; c) the bidding volume is way beyond the actual supply capability; d) frequent change in product quality and even remaining changing after perfecting; e) causing huge damage or losses to tenders because of unqualified quality supplied from bidders.

10 Only soft copy of certificates is acceptable. No fax or written documents in delivery. Bidding will be ignored after the bidding time.

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